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How to Maintain VCT Floors

VCT or Vinyl Composite Tile is one of the most common types of flooring for commercial buildings. This durable yet cost effective flooring is commonly found in hallways, cafeterias, restrooms, classrooms, and exam rooms. The finish of these floors is generally a...

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The Advantages of Using a Professional to Clean Your Office

Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Professional to Clean Your Office Adhering to local, state, national, and CDC guidelines for office safety can be overwhelming without help. Not to mention that a clean and healthy office environment not only boosts your trust and image with...

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Maintaining the Tile in Your Office

Ways to Maintain Your Office's Tile Flooring Flooring in your office space adds to the overall aesthetic, and, without proper maintenance, it can show obvious signs of wear and tear. An office space that once had an attractive appearance could now look tired and...

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The Importance of Regular Office Cleanings

5 Benefits of Regular Office Cleanings A messy office can have a negative impact on your company. Not only can it decrease productivity, but it can also affect how your employees feel. That is why it is important to maintain a clean office. The condition of your...

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Safety and Compliance Issues for Medical Providers

Following Safety and Compliance Procedures for Medical Cleaning If you need a medical office cleaned, a regular commercial cleaner will not do the job. Instead, you need to hire a cleaner that is well-versed in the wide range of rules that must be followed. Medical...

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