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Your Office’s Winter Cleaning Janitorial Checklist

It’s January, and in many states, winter can be brutal both outside and inside. Debris, snow, and slush get tracked indoors, windows cake with snow and ice, and a whole host of winter-specific challenges rear their ugly heads at this time of year. But don’t worry --...

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How to Make the Switch to Green Cleaning Your Office

You’ve done some reading and some research and you’ve decided it’s time to start moving your office towards a green cleaning regiment. There are plenty of reasons and motivations -- indoor pollution and air quality; the safety of your office employees and the...

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6 Essentials for Disinfecting Floors Before Flu Season

We’re going to continue building on last month’s article “Get Ahead of Flu Season: Cleaning as Prevention” by addressing the next logical step: disinfection. Any cleaning program that hopes to reduce a facility’s vulnerability to the flu at a minimum must use...

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Get Ahead of Flu Season: Cleaning as Prevention

As the seasons change and the weather brings that familiar sting to the cheeks, it’s time to start thinking about cleaning to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and viruses. Of course, no cleaning regiment is comprehensive, but when used in tandem with other...

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The Night Shift Values Safety — Both Ours and Yours

Safety is at the heart of what we do at The Night Shift. We don’t just start there, we live and make our home there. Why? Because custodial safety isn’t just a box to check, safety is something that can literally save lives -- both on our team and your team. So we...

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