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Why Green Cleaning Is So Important

Since the very beginning, the Night Shift team has been dedicated to providing the very best in contract janitorial services. This manifests in a variety of ways, including our robust service catalog, the range of areas we work in throughout Central and Upstate NY, as...

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Your Office Spring Cleaning Checklist

Happy Spring! The change of the season is a wonderful time of the year for a wide variety of reasons. After a long, cold winter, the warming weather should have you feeling motivated to combat all the dirt, slush and grime that was likely dragged into the office the...

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Tips For Keeping Your Office Clean During The Winter

The winter months present special difficulties in keeping your office clean. The snowy weather and cold temperatures not only mean an increase in slush and salt dragged onto carpets and floors, but also the increased likelihood of germs being brought into the office....

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Why Vacuuming Is A Major Contributor To Cleaner Indoor Air

There are few cleaning tactics that achieve results beyond simply sanitizing the particular space or surface that cleaning is geared towards. Vacuuming is certainly one of those tactics though. Not only does vacuuming rid floors and carpets of miscellaneous debris and...

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Why Hiring The Right Cleaning Company Matters

There's a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the right cleaning company for your office or healthcare facility. From their team's availability, to the depth of their experience, how varied and extensive their service offerings are and beyond, this is a decision...

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