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How Your Custodial Team Helps Fight Covid-19

Your custodial team is going to be the first line of defense in your battle against Covid-19 or ‘coronavirus.’ Keep in mind that it’s only one prong in the many-pronged approach you’ll take to keep your facility and your employees safe. But it’s certainly an essential...

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5 Reasons A Deep Clean is Vital to Your Office’s Health

A deep clean is something to seriously consider when it comes to the health and longevity of your office environment. As you know, this time of year the flu and other viruses are in the news, and for good reason. Your office can be a first defense against the spread...

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Your Office’s Winter Cleaning Janitorial Checklist

It’s January, and in many states, winter can be brutal both outside and inside. Debris, snow, and slush get tracked indoors, windows cake with snow and ice, and a whole host of winter-specific challenges rear their ugly heads at this time of year. But don’t worry --...

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