How to Properly Clean Your Office Desks

If you work in an office, chances are that your desk will get dirty and smudged with time. While it is not necessary to clean your desk every day, it is important to do a deep clean at least once a month. In order to help, here are some steps to follow when cleaning your office desk.

1. Unplug Equipment

Make sure you unplug all of your office equipment before you start cleaning. This will help you avoid any accidents. This equipment could include your computer, monitor, printer, and telephone.

2. Dust It Off

Use a cloth or feather duster to get any dust or dirt off your desk. For those areas where it is hard to reach, you can apply some sticky tape, such as masking tape, and use it to remove any dust or dirt on your desk. You can even use an electronic duster for this step.

3. Wipe Down Your Desk

Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down your desk. This will help remove any smudges or fingerprints. Make sure you pay special attention to the area around your computer and keyboard as this is where most dirt and dust accumulates. If any residue remains, use some rubbing alcohol to get rid of it.

4. Clean the Inside of Your Desk

Take a small bowl and fill it with warm water. Add some dish soap and, using a cloth or sponge, clean the inside of your drawers or shelves. This will help remove any grime or dirt accumulated inside your desk. If you want, you can use some lemon juice in the water to give it a nice fresh scent.

5. Polish Your Desk

You can also polish your desk with a small amount of furniture polish. This will give it a nice shine and make it look brand new.

6. Let It Dry

Once you have finished cleaning your desk, make sure you let it dry completely before you start using it again. This will help avoid any accidents that might damage your desk or computer.

7. Put It All Back Together

Once your desk is dry, you can put everything back together again. You may want to consider a new setup if you noticed some areas that got dirtier than others. This could help make the cleaning process easier next time.

Office desks tend to get dirty over time, but you can easily clean them up and make them look new again with these tips. Just make sure you unplug all of your office equipment before you start cleaning and let your desk dry completely before using it again. If you are interested in professional cleaning services, The Night Shift offers office cleaning services as well as a diverse range of cleaning and janitorial solutions.

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