Top 3 Most Neglected Spots When Cleaning the Office

Most people concentrate their cleaning on open and visible spaces such as floors in the office. Less visible spots are often ignored and neglected. Dirt and germs might build up in these areas and affect the quality of indoor air in the office. Here are three spots you shouldn’t forget when cleaning your office.

1. Baseboards and Ducts

Baseboards, ducts, and vents are frequently overlooked during the cleaning process. The accumulation of dust in these spots may trigger allergies, reducing work efficiency in the office. Dust might also reduce the comfort of your clients.

Baseboards easily catch dust and dirt because of their design. Dust buildup on baseboards can create a bad reputation for your brand and organization. Ensure that you wipe these spots with a wet cloth to remove the accumulated dust.

HVAC experts recommend that you clean your vents and ducts annually. Be sure to also replace the vent filter regularly to improve air circulation in the office. Deep cleaning these spots in the office will help improve efficiency.

2. Window Curtains and Blinds

Curtains collect dust more quickly since they cover a lot of space on the wall. They are often neglected when cleaning the office since they are tedious to wash and dry. Not cleaning curtains leaves them looking dull and less appealing.

The buildup of dust and other allergens such as mites on your blinds might pose a health risk. Ensure that you clean the curtains and blinds at least five times a year. Keep in mind that you should clean this area more often if you live near a dusty road or someone in the office has allergies. This will help improve the quality of air in the office and reduce allergens.

3. Under Office Appliances and Furniture

Many people forget to clean under appliances and furniture. Food particles and other materials under the office fridge are rarely cleaned, for example. This spot is commonly overlooked because it’s not visible, and moving the refrigerator might be tiresome. Getting a vacuum with a hose attachment should help you reach this area.

You should also vacuum the spots behind the office copy machine and printers regularly. Frequent use of these appliances can leave tiny particles around the area. This might make the office dusty and messy.

Another spot that gets forgotten about is behind or under the office microwave. Food particles around this area can make the space unhygienic. It would be best to wipe these spots with a sponge and bleach.

You should have a routine office cleaning schedule and deep clean the entire space, including these hard-to-reach spots, as often as needed. Contact us, The Night Shift, to help you with thorough routine cleaning of these overlooked areas.


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