Employee Letter


First: We would like to express our sincere thanks and admiration for the amazing efforts of our very dedicated and well-trained team here at The Night Shift! You have all done a fabulous job in a time of great uncertainty dealing with this COVID-19 craziness! Our customers are thrilled with the amazing service that you all have provided since this virus became prominent. Please know: The safety and health of you and all of our employees is our top priority. Do not take shortcuts or misuse your Personal Protective Equipment. Stay within the guidelines and recommended use instructions to avoid getting sick.
Second: Attached is the latest edition of the Diversey Safe Building Program, which is called “Building Service Contractor Safe Buildings Coronavirus-Night Shift Edition“. This has been revised for our use. Please read this carefully, it has some fantastic information. In addition, “Procedures for Daily Disinfectant Cleaning of Hard Surfaces” has some important disinfecting procedures we should be following. Copies are available for pickup at The Night Shift, Endwell office.
Third: Clinical Area Cleaning” is a preview of a very useful wall chart for clinical spaces we have long been waiting for.
Some employees have been asking for N95 Air Filter Masks. These masks have been requisitioned by the Federal Government due to the lack of these type masks for medical professionals. We are doing our part by not using these for cleaning purposes. If you have questions about Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), call the office.
If you have any questions, or need any supplies, be sure to contact Regina James, Kevin Tonkin, Teri Kiriakou, Lori VanAlstine or Doug Fernandez.
Lastly: DO NOT PROVIDE CLEANING AT A BUILDING WHERE A PERSON WITH SUSPECTED CORONAVIRUS HAS RECENTLY WORKED. We have a specialized team that can provide Cleaning and Disinfection After Persons Suspected/Confirmed to Have COVID-19 Have Been in a Facility. They will have the specialized PPE and training necessary to perform this service.
Stay safe and healthy! Thank you for making The Night Shift the premier cleaning service in Central New York!
Tony McCartney and David Maione


2721 East Main Street #1
Endicott, NY 13760