5 Important Cleaning Supplies You’ll Need for Your Office Space

If you’re like most people, you spend a lot of time in your office. Office spaces can accumulate a lot of dirt and grime over the day, but thankfully there are some simple supplies you can have on hand to help tackle these messes. It’s essential that your office feels clean and organized for both your productivity and mental health. Here are five cleaning supplies to make sure they are on hand at all times.

1. Spray Bottle

A spray bottle full of water is excellent for cleaning off surfaces. The best part about it is that it’s inexpensive. It’s also reusable and environmentally friendly.

A good spray bottle is essential when getting the gunk off of desks or wiping down counters. You can even use them on windowsills, bookshelves, or shelves with knick-knacks on them. If you want to add cleaner, make sure the bottle is labeled, so you know what’s inside.

2. Paper Towels

Cleaning up spills, wiping down dusty surfaces, or removing an adhesive residue is where paper towels come in. They’re very absorbent and can take care of most of your janitorial needs.

Be sure not to use the same paper towel on the floors as you do on other surfaces; using them more than once will just spread around the grime and residue they pick up. That’s why it’s essential not to be wasteful when using them; try to use the same one only once, or cut it in half if you can’t make that promise.

3. Cleaning Wipes

When you don’t have time to stop and mop your floors or wipe down surfaces, cleaning wipes are the next best thing. They’re also great for easy clean-ups; keep some in your desk drawer, too.

There are different types of these on the market; sometimes, they’re antibacterial wipes that can sanitize surfaces. They’re a good choice for a quick clean-up since you don’t need any liquid to use them, and they’ll keep your office smelling fresh.

4. Window Cleaner

Windowsills and the insides of windows are an essential part of your office’s décor. Over time, they can accumulate dirt and dust that make them look old and dingy.

Regular cleaners may not cut through this kind of grime as quickly as you’d like — that’s why you need a window cleaner. You can even use it to clean mirrors and other surfaces if they’re filthy. It’s a versatile product that can take care of most of your cleaning needs.

5. Vacuum Cleaner

Offices don’t need a large, industrial-sized vacuum as you would use in a house. However, they need something to pick up small debris and to make sure there’s no dirt or dust on the floor when people walk through; otherwise, it can look unprofessional and dirty. Vacuum cleaners are also good for getting into corners that are hard to reach.

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day business and forget that your office space needs some TLC, too. You should have many cleaning supplies on hand, but these five will be essential for getting your workstation back into shape after hours. No matter what kind of messes need to be cleaned up around the office, The Night Shift has got you covered. Contact us today by giving us a call so we can help you keep your office clean.

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