Commercial places are some of the most visited areas. Since these are business spaces, the outward appearance is the first thing an investor might notice. Also, a commercial place that looks great in terms of cleanliness and maintenance is bound to attract more business. Here are some tips and tricks for successfully cleaning commercial spaces.

1. Clean and Change the Air Filters Regularly

An excellent air conditioning system adds comfort and habitability to a commercial space. However, the filters in air conditioning systems tend to suck in debris such as dirt, dust, and other substances. To keep the vents and your commercial space clean, you need to change the filters regularly. If the filters are still usable, clean them well to allow for efficient airflow. Failure to do this can later become a costly affair when you must pay for AC repair.

2. Develop a Schedule for Cleaning Carpets

Normally, business spaces get the most dirt from people who track it in from the streets. For instance, on a rainy day, someone might walk into a business area with dirt on their shoes and soil the carpet. To ensure that the commercial spaces remain spotless, you should establish a regular schedule for cleaning carpets. This schedule should depend on the amount of dirt gathered, the most affected carpets, and how long it takes to make a carpet dirty.

3. Keep the Surrounding Areas Clean and Safe

Walkways and drives are also areas that can be very demanding. With rainy weather, these places can collect dirt that destroys the luster of the walkways. Therefore, always use a broom to sweep the dirt and debris out. You can also use a water hose to wash out stains and other substances.

4. Clean the Office Floor

Commercial places are known to hold many offices. This is where meetings occur and business deals happen, so it’s essential to clean all the floors until they are impeccable. If the office is tiled, clean the tiles until they regain their factory appearance. Is it is carpeted, ensure that the carpet is almost as good as new.

5. Keep the Space Organized and Tidy

Apart from cleaning up things, you will also need to ensure that the environment is well organized. Essentially, a messy appearance might prevent customers from entering the business premises. Make sure that all debris and office waste is properly contained and disposed of. Keep chairs, tables, office kitchens, and cabinets well organized.

6. Take Steps to Control Germs

Diseases can spread like wildfire in commercial spaces. That’s why you need to keep adequate hand sanitizers, disinfectants, and other germ control substances at hand.

7. Care for the Leather on the Furniture

Leather is a great option for commercial furniture. However, it does not react well to liquids such as water. You can take care of leather furniture by cleaning it with a soft, dry cloth. In addition, you can use a leather conditioner to protect upholstery from cracking or tearing up.

8. Tuck Cleaning Materials Out of Sight

Once the cleaning is over, hide all cleaning materials out of sight. You can designate a cleaning materials storage room or just put these items in an unused room.

Essentially, cleaning commercial spaces requires care and discipline. With these tips, you can help office spaces, restaurants, shops, and other business areas get ready to receive their customers.

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