Achieve the Results You Need by Selecting Appropriate Vacuum Features

It’s important to maintain an exceptionally clean facility. The following steps will help you determine the best vacuum features and settings to deliver the results you need in your line of work.

Decide What’s Most Important

Your exact needs may be determined by the industry you service and what your responsibilities are there. Some industries require one cleaning at the end of the day, whereas some industries require cleaning all throughout the day. Some places like restaurants need frequent but quiet vacuuming. If you have large areas to clean, you may want a vacuum that’s more efficient in those spaces. Determining the important needs of your job will help you with your vacuum selection.

Prioritize Features You Need

When you have figured out the biggest needs of your industry, you can choose a vacuum that is able to meet those needs. Consider investing in professional-grade equipment, too. These are some different features to consider:

• Cordless: Vacuums that have a quick recharge and last a while can help you be more productive by saving you time searching for outlets or moving the cord often.
• Corded: If you prefer a corded vacuum, look for a model with a quick-disconnect feature in case of cord damage. Having a replacement cord on hand can save time waiting for a new one.
• Lightweight: Sixteen pounds or less is considered lightweight, and these models are easier to maneuver.
• Allergen Reducing: Vacuums with a sealed HEPA filter and system will reduce allergens and improve the air quality.
• Included Tools: Extension wands, crevice tools and upholstery tools are useful to have for hard-to-reach surfaces and furniture.
• Quiet Motor: If you need to be able to clean quietly, make sure your vacuum is 70 A-weighted decibels or less.
• Motor Life: Some models boast an extended motor life, providing years of performance and reducing ownership cost.

Prep Your Settings

Now that you have examined your needs and chosen your vacuum, you’ll want to adjust settings and parts as needed to prepare for cleaning.

• Height Adjustment: Locate the height adjustment knob and decide which heights are necessary for the surfaces you will be cleaning. Make sure the brush roll can reach carpeted floors.
• Tools: Properly secure wands, hoses and attachment tools. Make sure they are positioned where you can access them easily.
• Bag: Ensure that the bag is new and has room for your cleaning needs.
• Filters: Make sure filters are clean and unclogged.

Another factor to consider when choosing your vacuum is that the equipment is easy to assemble and maintain. Be sure to inspect it daily and maintain it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Choosing the best vacuum for your industry and your job’s responsibilities will help you get your cleaning done efficiently every day. If you need professional cleaning services, reach out to us at The Night Shift.

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