Key Areas Prone to Carpet Spots and Stains

Adding new carpet to a building can cost quite a bit of money. You want to protect your investment and make sure that the carpet looks just as great as it does now for years to come. One thing to keep in mind is that carpet spots can appear due to stains and accidents. Some areas of your carpet are more prone to spots than others. We recommend that you look at which locations are more prone to spots and understand why those areas can develop stains.


The most common area where you may see some carpet spots is near the entryway. This is the area that gives others access to a building. An entryway may have some spots from people carrying mud or dirt on their shoes that you can clean with an ordinary vacuum. Other stains can also come from trace elements found on people’s shoes such as plant matter among those who spend time outside and grease from visitors who work on cars. Regular or constant foot traffic can push those stains deeper into the carpet fibers and make them harder to remove.

Kitchens and Food Areas

Other areas prone to spots include kitchens and areas where people eat or have food. Any type of food that spills on the carpet can leave a stain. This is more common with drinks such as wine and coffee or juice and soda. You may find stains left behind by condiments that people use like mustard and ketchup, too.


Hallways are prone to carpet spots because many people do not exercise caution when walking through those areas. When you have a cup of coffee in one hand and a book in the other, you may not even realize that you spilled on the carpet.


If you eat or drink while working at your desk, you will find that the carpet beneath it is prone to stains. A great way to prevent spots is using a plastic mat that you slide under your desk. This mat protects the carpet from all types of stains.

Water Coolers

Carpets near water coolers are prone to spots because people often congregate there. They can spill their drinks and track in mud on their shoes. Some people even shuffle their feet, which grinds the mud into the carpet.

Transition Areas

A transition area is where two different types of flooring meet such as carpet and tile. The residue from certain cleaning products can rub onto the carpet and cause spots or discoloration.

Offices and Meeting Rooms

Office and meeting rooms often suffer from carpet spots due to cleaning products and the people who use those spaces. You may notice some stains caused by the foods that people eat in those rooms.


Don’t forget about the carpets around your copiers, either. Toner or ink that drips out of the copier can leave behind some spots that are hard to remove.

Instead of worrying about how to deal with spots on your carpet, hire professional cleaners to handle your needs. At The Night Shift, we can suggest remedies for your cleaning needs and remove deep stains from your carpets.

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