When it comes to professionally cleaning healthcare facilities, there’s a long list of things to consider given the types of sensitive, and important, activity that goes on there.

Whether it’s a major hospital, lab, small medical office or pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, cleaning these types of spaces presents specific challenges and requires certain protocols.

These are things that contract janitorial companies, like The Night Shift, need to keep in mind when providing medical commercial cleaning services to healthcare clients.

A few points to consider? The administrative requirements necessary for these types of projects, as well as the risk and liability associated with working in the healthcare field – at any capacity.

Having to work in areas of facilities, offices, etc. where blood, bodily waste and other types of fluid have been means contract janitorial teams have to be specially trained in order to effectively disinfect and clean those spaces.

This can take shape in the form of anything from extensive documentation (to track and take note of the areas taken care of on a daily basis), as well as intensive orientation sessions and ongoing training (to ensure local, state and nationwide standards are adhered to).

This also means having to use special types of products that get the job done in the safest way possible.

Due to the fact that healthcare environments are filled with individuals who have compromised immune systems, are injured, in emergency medical situations and so forth, there are serious risks and liabilities associated with working in these environments.

If commercial cleaning teams aren’t careful, and mindful of what they’re doing at all times, it could expose patients, healthcare professionals and visitors to infectious materials, medical waste and the slip and fall risks from cleaning materials.

Having the proper training and on-boarding infrastructure in place, specific products and equipment, as well as recruiting an attentive, dedicated team, like we do at The Night Shift, are essential prerequisites for tackling healthcare facility cleaning.

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