Since the very beginning, the Night Shift team has been dedicated to providing the very best in contract janitorial services.

This manifests in a variety of ways, including our robust service catalog, the range of areas we work in throughout Central and Upstate NY, as well as the close relationships we’ve build with our clients, having served them for years.

One specific way we know we provide the most value possible to our clients is in the green cleaning best practices our team abides by each day.

The choices made in how buildings are cleaned, as well as the products a cleaning team uses, shouldn’t be taken lightly. They can have detrimental effects if not thought through properly.

If your commercial cleaning company uses products harmful to the environment, chances are being exposed to those same products is harmful to the cleaning staff, the people who work in your building, as well as any clients or colleagues visiting your space.

Hiring a green cleaning company is an important decision that can minimize your business’ ecological footprint by reducing pollutants released into the environment, therefore maintaining a purer air quality in your building.

Going with a green cleaning company can also reduce health problems that arise when non-green cleaning products are used.

There really is no shortage of reasons why this is so important – and why you should partner with a green cleaning company.

Taking that extra step to choose a company that uses green cleaning tactics and products can translate into a healthier and more productive staff, clearer air for facility inhabitants and an overall safer place to do business in.

We are proud to utilize a green cleaning program that combines environmentally preferred products with exceptional cleaning procedures, training and expertise, fine-tuned over years of contract janitorial experience.

Don’t wait another minute – contact The Night Shift to get started on implementing the very best, eco-friendly cleaning practices for your office or facility. 

In the meantime, you can read even more about proper green cleaning best practices in this past Night Shift blog post.

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