Happy Spring! The change of the season is a wonderful time of the year for a wide variety of reasons.

After a long, cold winter, the warming weather should have you feeling motivated to combat all the dirt, slush and grime that was likely dragged into the office the last few months.

At The Night Shift, we see the start of spring as the ideal time to encourage readers to create and execute an office spring cleaning checklist – or create the checklist and we’ll execute it for you, like we do for other clients in the Greater Binghamton, NY region.

While this isn’t an all-inclusive list, as each office is different and requires a distinct level of upkeep, below are a few of our top recommendations for what should be included in your spring cleaning checklist for the office:

Your Office Spring Cleaning Checklist

  • Floor Cleaning : Whether it’s as simple as removing unnecessary clutter on the floors (like chords), or as in-depth as a floor care service carried out by a professional cleaning company, all the floors in your office deserve a deep clean this spring to rid them of the germs, dirt and other grime people have tracked in the office the last few months.
  • Break Room/Kitchen Cleaning : Sanitizing handles and surfaces commonly used in your break room and/or kitchen (like cabinet knobs, the coffee maker, the refrigerator handle and others) is the perfect way to combat all the germs that might be hidden in this highly-trafficked area of the office. You can even go as far as sanitizing the inside of the microwave to get rid of cooked-on food splatters and emptying out the fridge of any expired perishables left in there, as well as sanitizing the different shelves and sections.
  • Carpet Cleaning : Just as with your floors, all the carpets in your office require serious attention after a long winter with salt, soot and other types of dirt being dragged (and possibly trapped in) your office rugs. The right office cleaning company, like The Night Shift, can provide the intensive carpet cleaning service your office rugs in need to start the spring fresh.
  • Bathroom Cleaning : The area of the office that likely needs the most cleaning, make sure you sanitize all the counter-tops, mirrors and other areas of the bathroom that are used often. Restocking paper towels, toilet paper and feminine hygiene products is another tactic to freshen up your office bathroom. Most importantly though, sanitizing – or having a professional cleaner sanitize – your toilets, urinals, floors and sinks is the ultimate way to get your office bathroom cleaned for spring.

If you want to get started on addressing your office’s cleanliness but don’t have the time, leave it to our professional team.

Give The Night Shift a call and we’ll create a plan to tackle your office cleaning needs, as we’ve done for a variety of clients in Greater Binghamton, NY and beyond.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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