There are few cleaning tactics that achieve results beyond simply sanitizing the particular space or surface that cleaning is geared towards. Vacuuming is certainly one of those tactics though.

Not only does vacuuming rid floors and carpets of miscellaneous debris and germ-causing litter or waste, it’s also a major contributor to cleaner indoor air. A recent study from the American Association for the Advancement of Science highlighted the fact that the air indoors can be up to seven times more polluted than the air outdoors.

Where do these pollutants originate you might find yourself asking? From unsanitary floors and carpets, which rise into the air and can be inhaled.

This can be extremely dangerous for humans, who spend roughly ninety percent of their time inside whether at home, work or enjoying a variety of leisure activities.

Vacuuming is a key cleaning tactic to aid in containing and lowering your family, friends, colleagues, clients and/or patients’ exposure to asthma and allergy triggers from floors and carpets.

Adhering to vacuuming and floor cleaning best practices can allow you to achieve exceptional air quality in your offices, healthcare facilities and/or homes.

This can lead to a better quality of life in and out of your office, facility and so forth.

Vacuuming heavily-trafficked areas multiple times a day, being cognizant of when carpets need to be replaced – and replacing them periodically – utilizing specific tools to access and clean hard-to-reach spots are just a few ways to do this.

An even better way to ensure your office or facility is cleaned up to industry best practices is to entrust your commercial cleaning needs to the experts – that’s what The Night Shift is here for.

We offer a wide variety of floor and carpet cleaning services to clients in and around the Greater Binghamton region in Upstate NY.

You deserve the peace of mind that comes with trusting a leading commercial cleaning company with your floor and carpet care needs. Since inception, The Night Shift has been delivering the highest-quality and most-trusted techniques to keep our clients’ carpets and floors – and likewise air – as clean as possible.

For more information on vacuuming best practices to keep your floor, carpets and air clean, read this article from Cleaning & Management Maintenance. Then call The Night Shift!

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