We know cleaning typically isn’t most people’s favorite thing to do.

Too often, people will attempt to take shortcuts to get around cleaning. But, if you’re going to do something, you might as well do it properly!

While we’re always here to handle any/all your commercial cleaning needs, we want to share industry secrets to ensure your home, office, facility and so forth are as clean – and safe – as possible.

Below are some common myths, misconceptions and mistakes people make while cleaning to bolster your knowledge and techniques.

It doesn’t matter what products you use, they all get the job done!

Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case. Some products are only meant for certain surfaces and will be ineffective on others. There are chemicals in certain cleaning solutions that can do damage if not used properly.

For example, window cleaner shouldn’t be used to help clean up a stained carpet. It might smell fruity fresh, but it won’t get rid of that stain. Additionally, some products contain chemicals or properties that can be harmful to the environment.

This is why we always utilize green cleaning products at The Night Shift. It’s essential to take care in choosing what you use around yourself and others.

Combining many different products will be more effective than just using one.

This can potentially be harmful to the areas you are trying to clean if the products do not interact well with one another. More isn’t always better. Most of the time, there is one specific product that can get the job done. Make sure you check the labels of the products you use so you know you’re using them for the right purpose.

Bleach can clean anything.

Actually, bleach can sometimes do more harm than good on certain surfaces.

The product can be too strong, or even not strong enough, to do what it needs to do. The strong smell of the bleach often gives people a false of security that everything is clean. In reality, it can be hiding something potentially harmful. We recommend only using bleach for its intended purposes.

“If it smells clean, then it is clean.”

Well, not all smells are good. Many cleaning products use fresh scents to mask other odors that might be around.

Surprisingly, sometimes odorless items are the cleanest. Fragrant scents can hide dirt and other potentially harmful bacteria that might be growing. So even if your nose says yes, it never hurts to give it a good clean.

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