Cleaning an office can seem like a monumental task to take on.

Everyone knows the big areas to hit first: the carpets, the windows, the tables. You take out the trash and get rid of any stains. But there are a lot of things that people tend to overlook or simply forget to clean.

Some common thoughts are “out of sight and therefore, out of mind” or that the things around you simply don’t need cleaning.

A frequent misconception is that if something doesn’t look dirty, it probably doesn’t need to be cleaned. Looks, even smells, can be very deceiving. Take note of these areas around the office to make sure your environment stays safe and clean!

There are a lot of places that can easily build up dirt and debris if not cleaned regularly.

They seem so obvious you’ll be surprised you missed them during your cleaning session! Vents, vacuum filters and ceiling fans are susceptible to dirt and dust build up. If not properly cleaned, these three can do more harm than good and easily spread more germs and dust throughout the office.

The coffee maker is one of the most regularly used items in an office. Because of its constant use, there often isn’t time to clean the pot or the coffee maker. Its warm wet area leaves it open to bacteria and residue to build up.

Door knobs, light switches and handles are used everyday and touched by almost everyone. This makes them the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and diseases to spread.

And don’t forget about disinfecting the trash can! Just because you threw the actual garbage out doesn’t mean that the can itself is squeaky clean. Food and other debris are regularly left behind to sit and build up.

Anything in a public area should be sanitized routinely. Couches and pillows for example are generally overlooked and fall into the “if it looks clean, it’s probably not dirty” category.

These are frequently used by people and can build up dead skin and dust from all of the use they get. Keep these areas in mind next time you get ready to clean – or call The Night Shift to handle any/all your commercial cleaning needs.

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