Here at The Night Shift, we value safety first and can’t stress the significance of our role in creating clean, safe environments for employees, patients and clients.

This is why we always take extra precaution to make sure our work doesn’t create hazards that might impede the daily goings on of an office, hospital & workspace, or cause injuries of any kind.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 849 people died in 2016 due to slips, trips and falls on unsafe floors. We recognize the importance of preventing this and ensuring our clients’ floors are clean, but also not putting others at risk.

Here are a few tips from our friends at Cleaning & Maintenance Management on procedures for floor cleaning and fall prevention:

For Employers: Develop A Plan – Be sure to have a schedule to keep floors cleaned regularly, which will both prevent messes from growing and prevent people from being at risk in the workplace.
For Cleaning Companies: Don’t Neglect Training – It’s important to have your cleaning employees trained so that all floors in a workplace are cleaned as well as they can be, to reduce all risk of falls.
For Cleaning Companies: Pick The Proper Cleaning Product – Test your products beforehand to ensure they’ll work properly for particular floor surfaces and don’t create an even bigger hazard.
For Cleaning Companies: Check Your Equipment – Make sure your equipment is in good condition and can be used effectively – and properly – to keep the floors clean.

For more information on floor care, check out the full article referenced above herethen contact The Night Shift to handle all your floor cleaning and floor care needs!

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