Do you want to make an impact on the Southern Tier in a simple, but big way? Are you someone who recognizes the importance of public health and clean living areas? Come join The Night Shift team!

Keeping an office or workplace clean should be one of the top priorities for employers to keep their employees, and clients, safe and healthy.

The Night Shift is at the forefront of keeping various offices, healthcare facilities and more, clean so that businesses can work at their full potential – and you could be part of that process.

If you’re ready to make a difference and improve the overall appearance, cleanliness and health of local workplaces, we’re currently hiring for various positions here at The Night Shift!

Why join The Night Shift? Here are some of the benefits of being part of our team:
– Flexible hours: morning, noon, night
– Work close to home
– Full-time hours
– Part-time or supplemental income
– Weekends available
– Possibility for advancement
– Drug free work environment

If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Call us at (607) 748-9218, ext. 338, or email us at for more information. Also check out our website for more specific details on our different employment opportunities.

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