April is here and with it, its infamous showers. Are you ready for the increase in rain that comes with springtime?

An even better question: are your home or office’s gutters ready?

It’s essential to make sure your gutters are clean and clear so rain water can flow off your roof properly. You can do this by clearing out tree debris that’s fallen into your gutters.

Living in Upstate New York, you most likely have trees near your home, office or facility, and the more trees near you, the more debris you’ll likely have in your gutters. How wooded your area is also impacts how often you’ll have to clear your gutters out as well.

Cleaning your gutters isn’t too difficult of a job and you can do it yourself, but it’s important to make sure you approach the job safely.

If you’re up high on a ladder, make sure to utilize a sturdy ladder so as not to put yourself at risk of falling.

To help reduce how often you need to clean your home or office gutters, look into gutter covers. There’s a range of options out there to help keep your rain disposal system clear.

For more info about gutter cleaning, explore this article from Angie’s List.

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