If winter hasn’t arrived at your doorstep yet, it will be here soon. And that means that cleaning professionals are gearing up for winter cleaning, with special focus on our floors, which take the biggest beating during this time of year.

You can keep your flooring safe this winter by following a few simple “best practices.” We’ve compiled a list below, but be sure to check out these helpful guides — one from Angie’s List, and another that focuses specifically on your wood floors.

  • Keep mats outside and inside the entranceway. This is a no-brainer but you’d be surprised how many people don’t set up the proper mats inside and outside their doors. A good outdoor mat won’t retain moisture (think mildew and mold) and a good indoor mat will catch any remaining grime that the outdoor mat misses. Both are important!


  • Clean often and respond to messes immediately. We can’t recommend this one enough. At the end of the day, winter can be a three, four, five, or even 6-month slog, depending on where you live. So no amount of mats or winterized cleaning supplies will work on their own. You’re going to have to clean often and clean effectively — which means you shouldn’t let salt and grime residue accumulate!


  • Speaking of salt — vacuum it, don’t push it around. Again, maybe this seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t realize that they’re pushing salt into crevices and deeper into their flooring. It’s very important to add vacuuming into your floor care routine, even if it’s just for the winter!


  • Use the proper cleaning supplies. We talk to people all the time who don’t know which supplies to use during the winter — and they can vary drastically from the routine you’re applying during warmer months. So be sure to consult the experts on which cleaning supplies are most effective against snow, sleet, grime, and salt.


  • Get your carpets cleaned professionally. This is especially important if you’re caring for a highly-trafficked school, university, or workplace. So much salt and grime can accumulate over the winter months that it’s nearly impossible to keep carpets clean without industrial strength or professional-grade cleaning products. Keep it in mind when you’re making your plans.


While none of these suggestions will suffice alone, together they can provide a solid foundation to keep flooring clean during the winter months ahead of us. If you want to get more serious about fighting dirt, salt and grime this winter, contact The Night Shift today!

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