It is officially time for spring cleaning! While this is a perfect opportunity to clean out those bursting filing cabinets, sort through the pile of junk mail that has accumulated on your desk, and finally clear the potentially toxic communal fridge, spring cleaning should not be the first time this year you are considering floor maintenance for your building.

Instead of viewing floor maintenance as a once or twice a year task, The Night Shift highly recommends business owners and building managers to consider a 12-month floor maintenance program. It is crucial to recognize that the overall appearance and cleanliness of a building’s floors is of the utmost importance. Not only are floors the most noticeable aspects of the building’s perceived cleanliness level, but there is also a major safety aspect.

Hard floors such as marble, ceramic tile, terrazzo, or wood, can become slippery and unsafe if there is an accumulation of dirt, grease, or other grime. As dirt penetrates farther into a building’s interior, more dust will be able to accumulate on other interior surfaces. In addition, dust, grit, and other debris on hard floors can permanently mar the surface.

The proper care program for hard floors starts with ample matting at the entrance of the building. High quality mats are very effective at trapping and collecting dirt and grime at the entrance, helping to prevent it from penetrating far into the building. Frequent sweeping, mopping with clean water and appropriate eco-friendly chemicals, as well as auto-scrubbing will effectively put dirt and grime into liquid suspension and remove it from the premises.

Softer floors such as vinyl composite tile (VCT) can also become slippery and unsafe if there is an accumulation of dirt, grease, or other grime. Modern floor finishes are formulated to provide a certain coefficient of friction that helps to increase traction as a person walks on a properly maintained floor. When a floor finish becomes dirty or scratched, its effectiveness at providing protection to the tile and traction for the foot is drastically reduced.

An effective VCT floor-care program also starts with effective matting. A properly trained custodian/janitor will sweep or dust-mop the floors on a regular basis to cut down on the abrading effect of dirt and foot traffic. In addition, buffing, scrubbing, and refinishing will help to maintain the protective and safety aspects of the modern floor finish.

Good looking floors can certainly make a huge impact and go a long way to making a building look beautiful and clean. Don’t let proper floor maintenance get swept under the rug. Learn more about how to keep your building looking its best by calling the experts at The Night Shift or request a quote for a 12-month floor maintenance program!

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