4 Top Tips to Use When Cleaning Commercial Carpets

Cleaning commercial carpets properly should be easier when using a few tips from experts. Here are some methods and ideas you can use to make the carpet cleaning process more efficient when you’re faced with this task.

1. Use the Latest Technology

One way to ensure your commercial carpets get cleaned correctly is by utilizing up-to-date technology. New vacuums should make it more efficient to clean all of the floors in the building you’re handling. In some settings, it may be best to utilize a backpack vacuum. Doing so allows the area to be cleaned quicker, especially if several workstation clusters need to be cleaned. Going this route will likely be easier than trying to use a traditional upright vacuum cleaner. Backpack vacuums offer more flexibility due to their comfort and lighter weight.

2. Vacuum Areas Frequently

A second tip you can use to ensure your commercial building carpets get cleaned correctly is to vacuum frequently. Performing this cleaning task every day will help ensure the floors stay clean. Choosing to perform this type of process when cleaning a commercial building falls in line with recommendations given by several floor covering manufacturers. They recommend using a vacuum cleaner at least once or twice during the week.

Taking this action should eliminate all of the contaminants that end up falling into the carpet. These problems stem from unwanted pollutants ranging from skin and hair to dust mites and dander. The most effective way to eliminate these problems is by vacuuming the carpet as frequently as possible.

3. Ask Employees to Remove Spots Quickly

Another excellent way to keep a commercial carpet clean is by having your employees get involved with the cleaning process. Supplying them with highly effective spot removing tools should make it easy for them to clear unwanted stains when they appear. Having these tools available to each employee and teaching them to utilize them efficiently is highly effective at keeping the carpets looking beautiful and appealing. Providing employees with the right type of cleaning tools also assists in eliminating the need to use large, cumbersome cleaning equipment for a few simple spots on the carpet.

Additionally, performing a quick treatment when these small areas become stained won’t give the space a chance to accumulate more spots and become unsightly. Routine maintenance is one of the essential methods you can use to keep your commercial carpets looking great.

4. Utilize Certified Products

Only using certified products or services is another method to ensure your commercial carpets stay clean and appealing. Doing so is critical when you’re utilizing sustainable carpet cleaning methods. Ensure you are utilizing a green-certified service or product that doesn’t damage your carpet fibers. If the certifications come from WoolSafe or the Carpet and Rug Institute, the product or service used to clean the area should be safe to use on your carpets.

Incorporating one or more of these expert tips into the cleaning process of your commercial building will prove to be highly beneficial in ensuring it gets done correctly and efficiently. If you need help cleaning your space, reach out to us at The Night Shift.

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